Organizational Engagement Review

When your staff are engaged with the organization, they are constructive and proactive in their role. Additionally, they take less unnecessary sick leave, work harder, and stay with the company for longer. The Organizational Engagement Review is a turn-key solution designed to highlight the strengths and opportunities for improvement in your current company culture.

Engagement is linked to these business outcomes:

Using the industry-leading Organizational Engagement Review, identify key opportunities such as:

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching Opportunities
  • Design appropriate attraction and retention programs
  • Identify and manage risks such as absenteeism and turnover
  • Design cultural interventions to improve engagement, and therefore, stability, service, commitment, retention and profitability

Organizational Engagement Review

Leading Dimensions 360 Feedback tools are specifically designed to provide managers with the information they need to be the best leaders they can be. Subordinates, co-workers and managers provide constructive feedback in various areas to include Communication, Recognition and Role Clarity, and Working Relationships. This information is packaged and presented in a way that provides a road map to top performance.

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