Our purpose is to help your organisation provide training and development to your people that is on target, fun, retained and above all helps them achieve their goals.

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10 Years as a Global Workplace Learning Leader

6 Years Delivering Live Online & Hybrid Workshops

Over 1,300 Corporate, Government & NFPs Each Year

1. Complete Training Courses

Popular: Managing Virtual Teams | Resilience | Leadership

Live Online Training Workshops

Face to Face in a Virtual Room From 90-minute - 1/2 day sessions Complete Courses Coveredas a series of short sessions

Face to Face in the Same Room

Face to Face in the Same Room From 90-minute sessions to 10-day Courses To resume after COVID-19

2. Bite Sized Learning

Live Online 60-minute Workshops

Face to Face in a Virtual Room 60-minute targeted collaborative workshops

Microlearning 3-5 Minute Videos

Mobile and PC friendly World class 3-5 minute videos 100's of videos - including Difficult Conversations and Resilience

3. Resources For You To Use

People & Culture Development

Complete People, Leadership & Culture Development Solution Enhanced by automation so you can keep up with changing needs with a low budget and stretched resources Includes:

  • Remote Team Management Support
  • Automated Training Needs Analysis
  • Personality Profiling (for hiring and development)
  • Complete Training Curriculum
  • Culture Checks
  • 3-minuite 360's
  • Embedding Tools and Products

World Class Solution Low Cost Subscription

Meeting Activity Packs

Make your meetings ongoing learning opportunities with 10 minute activities suitable for face-to-face or virtual meetings

Microlearning 3-5 Minute Videos

Mobile and PC friendly World class 3-5 minute videos

4. Professional Services and Support

We can fully manage, or support you with:

  • Instructional Design
  • Virtual Team Planning, Implementation and Training for Leaders of Virtual Teams
  • Training Project role outs from Office 365 to Leadership Programs or Custom App deployment
  • Leadership Development - Analysis, Development, Measurement
  • 360 Feedback, Analysis, Training AND follow through
  • Team or Organisational Culture Analysis
  • Recruitment Assessment Tool

And because we take advantage of the REACH Ecosystem which incorporates latest science and automation we can provide evidence-based professional services more quickly and at a lower cost than you anticipate. 

View some of our past instructional design projects and the REACH Ecosystem that we use to support you

5. Halve the Cost or Double your Value

Take advantage of our Memberships, Partnerships and Subscription Options

Enterprise Partnership

Discounts and Benefits that double your budget or halve your costs Download pdf

Growth Unlimited Memberships

Unlimited Instructor-led Training for your Team for less than the cost of 3-days of training

REACH Subscription

Reduce People, Leadership, Culture and OD Costs expenses by ~70% Learn more View Subscription Pricing

Pearls of Wisdom

Unlimited Learn On Demand MicroLearning from $5 per person per year