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PRINCE2 Practitioner (PRINCE2P)

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This course provides each participant with a Practitioner understanding of how to apply PRINCE2 in realistic project scenarios and adapt PRINCE2 to different project environments.

Our courses are written against the new PRINCE2:2017 release.

Course Objectives

The Practitioner Course will:

  • Expand the participant’s understanding of the principles and philosophies underpinning PRINCE2.
  • Provide participants with exposure to how PRINCE2 is applied in different project environments.
  • Explain how PRINCE2 can be effectively applied to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario.
  • Provide careful and detailed preparation for the Practitioner Exam.

Who should take this course?

  • Experienced Project Managers who need to be able to work effectively in a PRINCE2 environment.
  • First-time and 'accidental' Project Managers in need of a method to help manage projects of different types and sizes.
  • 'Centre of excellence' staff who need a solid understanding of PRINCE2 to tailor the method for their organisations.
  • Project and programme support staff wanting to learn how to effectively operate in a PRINCE2 environment.
  • Anyone wishing to round out their resume with a formal internationally recognised project management certification.


Participants must have successfully completed our PRINCE2 Foundation course.

Course Content

The Practitioner Seminar is a scenario based training course focusing on the application of PRINCE2 under different project environments and scenarios. Review and revision sessions of all PRINCE2 elements are included throughout the training.

We have partnered with Inspiring Projects, who have have developed a full set of Practitioner-style exam questions based on a realistic scenario, to provide even more opportunity to apply and learn PRINCE2.

Certification Exam

The Practitioner Exam is a 2½ hour, open manual, scenario based multiple choice exam. The candidate must provide responses to questions presented in the following styles:

  • Classical multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Matching
  • Sequencing

There are 68 questions. To pass the exam, a candidate must correctly answer 38 (55%) or more of the questions. Candidates for the Practitioner Exam must have passed the Foundation Exam.

The exam is taken online, on a date and time of your choice. 
Please note: Exam candidates must provide a signed photo ID (passport, driving licence, etc.) prior to the exam.

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