Minute Taking Training

Both formal and informal meetings are taking place every day in any organization, but who is taking and recording the minutes from these meetings?

Are accurate records of key business decisions being recorded? Who were the key decision makers? Does anyone know what happened in the meeting and what decisions were made and carried?  What ideas were discussed and motioned? Are your business units effectively implementing decisions made after the meeting?

The PD Training Minute Taking Training course will enable you to understand the important role of a minute-taker as well as efficiently recording all the important information discussed.  Learn key skills like deciding what should be recorded, active listening, how to create drafts and reports, organizational skills and much more.

This comprehensive training course is available across the U.S., including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Jackson, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Seattle.


Your Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Recognize the importance and outcomes of minute taking
  • Identify and record action items during board meetings
  • Develop skills in active listening, critical thinking, and organization
  • Understand and customize meeting agreements
  • Record three types of minutes, including formal meetings, informal, and action minutes
  • Prepare and publish minutes with perfection
  • Take minutes in interactive board meetings
  • Write drafts, proofread and organize minutes
  • Build and maintain a minute book
  • Recognize the outcome of minute taking for a particular meeting
  • Recognize the role of a minute taker in achieving larger goals of an organization
  • Deal with common complaints and difficulties faced by minute takers
  • Perform the role with expertise using knowledge and skills
Duration: 1.0 day course Live Online Experts


Minute Taking Training Reviews:

I’m very impressed by PD Training … they specifically selected one of their specialist facilitators to run the session which then made it possible for us to discuss our requirements further and tailor the course we had selected to suit our particular needs.

I don't usually take the minutes for our staff meetings, but I was surprised how much was relevant and how much I learned about being more helpful and more professional in my job! And the trainer's presentation and personality made the training very enjoyable and easy to participate in. Not boring at all!

Sherlyn D. was a very up-lifting trainer and had a lot of great tips; she was very interesting to listen too! I really enjoyed the class need more trainers like Ms. Dorsey.

Mrs. Sheryln Dorsey was/is an awesome trainer. She kept the class involved and interested. Mrs. Dorsey has such a great and positive personality that keeps the class interested so it was very easy to pay attention and learn (I have a very short attention span). I would love to take another one of her courses.

Download Course Outline (PDF)

Improve your meeting outcomes with effective minute taking.

Effective minute taking will enable your business units to solve the many problems and complaints associated with running meetings. In the hands of a competent minute taker, the development of the skills in minute taking will enable managers and staff to efficiently record meeting items.

You will also learn the advanced styles of minute taking such as color-coding, and gain knowledge about the suitable methods for minute taking in informal, formal and action meetings.

Who will benefit from participating in this workshop?

  • Administrative staff and assistants
  • Recording Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant

Course Outline for Minute Taking Training

See the Live Online tab for the course outline for the live online course

Topic 1
Minute Taking
  • Welcome
  • Role Defined
  • Please Define Your Role
  • What is Your Take Away for Today?
  • The Effective Minute Taker
  • Problems That Can be Encountered and How You Can Overcome t\Them
  • Reflection
Topic 2
Your Winning Style and How Best to Communicate with Your Manager
  • REACH Review – Communication Evolution Tool
  • Reflection
  • Topic 3
    Active Listening
    • 5 Ways to Improve Your Listening Ability
    • Reflection
    Topic 4
    Set up for Success – Plan beforehand
    • Taking Effective Minutes Starts Before the Meeting has Even Begun
      • 1. Agenda Creation
      • Templates for Preparation
      • 2. Room Setup up for the Digital Era
      • 3. Where to Sit
      • 4. Discreet Interruption Signals
      • 5. Communication Plan
    • Reflection
    Topic 5
    Determine What’s Important
    • Methods of Taking Notes
      • 1. Mind Mapping
      • 2. Smart Wisdom
      • 3. WHAT-WHO-WHEN
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Minutes
    • Reflection
    Topic 6
    Minute Taking gone Digital
    • Revolution of Digital Minute Taking
    • Revolution of Digital Minute Taking with Apps (iPad, phone, laptop)
    • Reflection
    Topic 7
    Formal vs Informal
    • Formal vs Informal
    • Formal Meetings
    • Informal Meetings
    • Reflection
    Topic 8
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action

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    Download Live Online Course Outline (PDF)

    Course Outline for Minute-Taking Training - Online Instructor-led 3hours

    Topic 1
    Your Winning Style and How Best to Communicate with Your Manager
  • REACH Review – Communication Evolution Tool
  • Reflection
  • Topic 2
    Active Listening
    • 5 Ways to Improve Your Listening Ability
    • Reflection
    Topic 3
    Set up for Success – Plan beforehand
    • Taking Effective Minutes Starts Before the Meeting has Even Begun
      • 1. Agenda Creation
      • Templates for Preparation
      • 2. Room Setup up for the Digital Era
      • 3. Where to Sit
      • 4. Discreet Interruption Signals
      • 5. Communication Plan
    • Reflection
    Topic 4
    Determine What’s Important
    • Methods of Taking Notes
      • 1. Mind Mapping
      • 2. Smart Wisdom
      • 3. WHAT-WHO-WHEN
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Minutes
    • Reflection


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    Bite Size learning that people love
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 1
    The Role of a Minute Taker
    • Bullet Point Discuss The Role Of A Minute Taker
    • Bullet Point Explore Common Problems & Solutions In Small Groups
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 5
    What Do I Record?
    • Bullet Point Participants Will Learn What To Record During A Meeting
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 2
    The Skills of a Minute Taker
    • Bullet Point An Ability To Listen
    • Bullet Point Critical Thinking Skills
    • Bullet Point Good Organization Techniques
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 6
    Techniques for Preparing Minutes
    • Bullet Point Tools For Creating Minutes
    • Bullet Point Organization Methods
    • Bullet Point Techniques For Writing Drafts
    • Bullet Point Proofreading Tips
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 3
    Meeting Agreements
    • Bullet Point Discuss Meeting Agreements
    • Bullet Point Three Templates To Take Away & Customize
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 7
    Taking Minutes in an Interactive Meeting
    • Bullet Point Learn How Their Role As A Minute Taker Will Be Different In An Interactive Meeting
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 4
    Minutes Styles
    • Bullet Point Formal Meeting Style
    • Bullet Point Informal Meeting Style
    • Bullet Point Action Meeting Style
    Minute Taking
    Training Course - Lesson 8
    The Minute Book
    • Bullet Point Participants Will Learn To Build & Maintain A Minute Book
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